world-class IT

Technology Infrastructure

It is not just about obtaining the shareholders. It’s also about how well the shareholder responsibilities are handled over the life of the REIT. We have invested heavily in building a world-class IT infrastructure. We use best-of-class solutions for data archival, secure document destruction, document imaging, financials, and integration with partners. Our proprietary REIT and Investment Management System (RIMS) allows us to precisely manage 4,400 REIT accounts and 1,500 shareholders.

RIMS enables us to respond quickly to our clients’ information needs. It also provides redundant checks to help make sure that our clients never make a mistake related to the preferred shareholders that may jeopardize their REIT status.

  • Database – 150 tables, 9 million records
  • RIMS – over 218,000 lines of code
  • 1099s - 285,000 in 2021
  • Dividend Payments - 516,000 in 2021
  • Documents Scanned/Archived - 880,000


We provide standard and customized reporting for REIT sponsors to meet any request for information related to the REIT preferred shareholders.

REIT portal

Our clients can log in to their own REIT Portal to obtain real-time information related to their REIT offerings, shareholders, and tax filings. Click to enroll or login.

Investor portal

Investors can view and manage their REIT account online. Click to enroll or login.

Secure infrastructure

We offer redundant servers and a redundant network, on and off-site back-ups, and have a hot site available, if necessary.